Downhole Equipment

Historically, high alloy downhole completion equipment has been manufactured from precipitation hardened “PH” bar stock. Often times starting with bar results in a significant amount of material loss, additional machining time and costs, and limitations to part lengths when compared to starting with a cold-worked tube.

Utilizing our job shop mill, CRA produces a wide range of cold worked seamless heavy-walled tubes for mechanical applications in the oil & gas industry. CRA manufactured tubes are offered to semi-finished near shape dimensions with close tolerances allowing for significant reduction in machining hours and cost. Providing quality and reliable products produced with accelerated deliveries provides opportunities to meet customer’s delivery requirements while reducing inventory risk.

Minimum OD’s of 2-3/8”
Maximum OD’s of 10-3/4” (expanding to 13-3/8” soon)
All standard and non-standard sizes to meet your specific needs

All standard sizes available, plus heavy wall thickness capabilities.
Current maximum wall thickness is approximately 1.35”

Martensitic (13Cr grades), duplex, super duplex, and nickel alloys.
Please see a more detailed list of alloys here.

Yield strengths ranging from 35ksi to 160ksi

Premium and API threads.

Lengths up 840” = 21,336mm

No mill order minimum

Manufactured products in as quick as a few days.

Mandrels, Tie Back Receptacles (TBR’s), Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR’s), Seal Bores, Tie-Back Extensions, Blast Joints, Shroud Casing Components within the Packer, Sleeves, Housings, Flow Couplings, Expandable Liners, Screens, Perforating Guns, Landing Joints, and others.

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