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K&B/CRA is a joint venture of K&B Industries and Corrosion Resistant Alloys. We are a full service manufacturer and material provider of CRA products with an emphasis on nickel based alloys. K&B and CRA have combined their expertise in K&B/CRA to provide a unique solution for duplex and nickel build-to-print equipment and accessories in a manner that has not been done previously. Each partner company, while remaining separate entities and operating core businesses, brings unique value and focus to K&B/CRA:

  • K&B Industries is a provider of high quality precision and long length intricate machining services with a variety of premium thread licenses and other services.
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys is a just in time mill providing high quality corrosion resistant alloy tubulars.
  • K&B/CRA is a combination of the two entities offering a fast solution by maintaining CRA inventory to manufacture your build-to-print requirements, quick turn equipment, and Oil and Gas products such as accessories, flowing couplings, and couplings.

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