Meeting Urgent Requirements Avoids Costly Project Delay

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Meeting Urgent Requirements Avoids Costly Project Delay

An operator approached CRA with an urgent requirement for nickel alloy tubing capable of withstanding highly corrosive sour conditions for a project in the US.

After the well in this project began actively producing, it was determined that the well conditions were much more sour than previously anticipated or typically found in this field. The updated environmental conditions threatened to significantly reduce the lifespan of the current tubing in place. With a potential lead time of 6+ months to secure replacement material through a traditional mill, the project risked considerable downtime.

CRA immediately got to work and was able to provide high nickel alloy G-3 tubing with less than 2 weeks between quote and material readiness. The customer commented, “I really appreciated how quickly CRA got everything together for this – We couldn’t take the risk of being shut down for an extended period of time waiting on the pipe to get to location.” Through CRA’s Just-In-Time (JIT) approach, the project maintained its original schedule and the operator was able to avoid costly lost production time.

ProductHigh Nickel Alloy G-3 Tubing
ApplicationSour Gas
Client LocationUS
Delivery< 2 Weeks