Mechanical Tube

CRA Tubes for Downhole Equipment

Utilizing our job shop mill, CRA produces a wide range of cold-worked seamless, heavy-walled tubes for mechanical applications and downhole completion equipment for oilfield services. Our manufactured tubes are offered in semi-finished, near-dimensions with close tolerances, allowing for a significant reduction in our customer’s machining hours and cost when compared to beginning with PH bar stock.

Cra Pipe & Tube On Your Timeline

With our just-in-time model, we are able to provide manufactured cra tube on your project timeline. For urgent requirements, material can be ready in as quickly as 1 week. CRA is the reliable just-in-time source for high-quality mechanical pipe and tubing for downhole applications.

Accessories & Completion Equipment

Through K&B/CRA, we are able to offer a fast solution for duplex and nickel build-to-print and quick-turn equipment such as long-length parts, flow couplings, blast joints, crossovers, and OCTG couplings. Contact us to find out more.

Downhole Applications For Cra Tubes

Cra mechanical pipe and tubing is used in a variety of applications, including the following:

  • Mandrels
  • Tie Back Receptacles (TBR’s)
  • Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR’s)
  • Seal Bores
  • Tie-Back Extensions
  • Blast Joints
  • Shroud Casing
  • Sleeves
  • Housings
  • Flow Couplings
  • Liner Hangers
  • Expandable Liners
  • Screens
  • Perforating Guns
  • Landing Joints
  • Landing Nipples

Product Availability

LENGTHS: Up to 840” = 21,336mm

Standard & Non-Standard Sizes Available.
Heavy wall thickness capabilities.

ALLOYS: Martensitic (13Cr grades), Duplex, Super Duplex, & Nickel Alloys
MINIMUM YIELD: 35ksi – 160ksi

Visit our Alloy Selection Guide for details.

END FINISH: Plain end, Premium threads, & API threads
QUANTITY: Non-standard mill quantities accommodated
DELIVERY: Manufactured material as quickly as 1 Week

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