Toll Processing

What is Toll Processing?

The value proposition of toll processing is simple. It helps our customers secure specialized, custom specification pipe in a shorter period of time. Our customers are primarily mills and distributors for toll processing. Our job shop mill manufacturing model provides customers quick turnaround when they need it most. We specialize in the business that is disruptive to the standard mills: rapid deliveries, non-standard quantities, lengths, sizes, tolerances, and specifications.

Our finishing mill can cold work material to produce upgraded specifications and larger sizes than can be handled elsewhere in the market. This includes:

Minimum OD’s of 2-7/8”
Maximum OD’s of 10-3/4” (expanding to 13-3/8” soon)
All standard sizes as well as non-standard to meet your specific needs

All standard weights available, plus heavy wall thickness capabilities.

Alloys spanning from 13CR through high nickel alloys such as G3 and 825
Please see a more detailed list of alloys here.

All standard yields available, as well as more custom high yield strengths like 140ksi and above.

Lengths up to 70’

Non-standard mill quantities accommodated.

Products manufactured to meet customer’s need date in as quickly as two weeks.

Up to 350,000 pounds per month (expanding to 800,000 pounds per month soon)

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