Chemical Processing

Specialty Alloys on Your Timeline

When critical needs arise, CRA offers Chemical Manufacturers fast solutions for specialty and nickel alloy pipe. While our manufacturing process and equipment are similar to that of other manufacturers, we manage the timeline of our operations differently allowing us to accommodate small mill runs and provide material in as quick as 1 week.

Just In Time Delivery

Our just-in-time mill is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of distribution for nickel and specialty alloy pipe and tube. Rather than filling capacity and standardizing product offerings like traditional mills, CRA focuses on maintaining reserved capacity for quick needs, smaller quantities, and unique sizes and lengths. Additionally, we maintain feedstock at various stages which we can utilize rather than starting from melt. This significantly reduces our lead time and improves delivery reliability.

Where urgent requirements, non-standard sizes, lengths, and quantities limit traditional mills and distributors, CRA’s just-in-time mill ensures access to the right product in the timeframe you need it.

Typical CPI Alloys

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Manufacturing Capabilities

MIN OD: 2-1/16″ (2.0625″)
MAX OD: 10-3/4″ (10.750”)
THICKNESS: Up to 1.925”
LENGTHS: Up to 70′

Standard & Non-Standard Sizes Available

Manufactured Material Available as Quickly as 1 Week

Non-Standard Mill Quantities Accommodated