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While CRA primarily serves the upstream oil and gas industry to date, including operators and oil field service companies, CRA’s just in time (JIT) job-shop mill manufacturing model is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of distribution for cra tubulars in multiple industry sectors.

Whether it’s a project for department of defense, aerospace, or midstream oil and gas, CRA’s ability to meet timeline and product requirements allows all industries utilizing cra tubulars to place orders closer to their need date. This flexibility provides more time in the planning and design stages, while also eliminating the need for costly excessive inventories.

Where urgent requirements, non-standard sizes, lengths, and quantities limit traditional mills and distributors, CRA’s Just-In-Time mill ensures access to the right product in the timeframe you need it.

Upstream Oil & Gas

CRA materials are utilized by both operators and oilfield service (OFS) companies in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry. CRA has provided OCTG and completion accessories such as flow couplings, couplings, blast joints, pup joints, and crossovers to critical operations across the globe. CRA also produces a wide range of cold-worked seamless heavy-walled tubes for mechanical applications. These manufactured tubes are offered in semi-finished near-shape dimensions with close tolerance for further manufacturing of a variety of downhole equipment provided to operators by OFS companies. Some of these products include Mandrels, Tie Back Receptacles (TBR’s), Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR’s), Seal Bores, Blast Joints, Flow Couplings, Liner Hangers, Expandable Liners, Screens, Perforating Guns, and more.

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Chemical Processing

When critical needs arise, CRA offers Chemical Manufacturers fast solutions for specialty and nickel alloy pipe and tube. While our manufacturing process and equipment is similar to that of other manufacturers, we manage the timeline of our operations differently allowing us to accommodate small mills runs and provide material in as quick as 1 week. Rather than filling capacity and standardizing product offerings like traditional mills, CRA focuses on maintaining reserved capacity for quick needs, smaller quantities, and unique sizes and lengths.