Unique Specifications On A 10-Week Timeline

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Unmet Customer Needs: Speed & Specification

CRA was introduced to a customer who had a two well urgent requirement in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The customer had a commitment to the government and needed to start drilling the first well within 12 weeks or they risked losing their blocks. They needed three nickel alloy sizes for tubing and liners. Traditional manufacturing lead times for these products were 8-14 months delivery, while one of the sizes had never actually been produced before.

CRA utilized a combination of stock, staged feedstock, and just in time manufacturing to provide the first well in 10 weeks. The second well was delivered in 16 weeks which worked perfectly for rig timing. In addition to the quick delivery, CRA was the first in the world to produce one of the liner specifications. CRA did not lose any joints on this 750+ joint order for quality defects, and were able to maintain speed along with a high quality product. Without CRA’s just in time manufacturing capabilities, this operator would not have been able to maintain their interest in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

ProductNickel Alloy Tubing & Liners
ApplicationHPHT Wells
Client LocationKurdistan Region of Iraq
10 Weeks (First Well)
16 Weeks (Second Well)