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Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Chemical Processing:

Q&A with Justin Kates

As a Just-In-Time pipe manufacturer, Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA) is capable of meeting on-demand, customized orders to overcome challenges in the chemical processing industry. When industrial professionals need quality corrosion-resistant alloys, even on a tight deadline, CRA can fulfill them. 

Justin Kates, business strategy manager at CRA, talks about this more below. Thank you, Justin, for taking the time to answer some questions about CRA and the value CRA brings to the petrochemical and industrial space.

What Does CRA Offer Compared to Other Manufacturers?

A: There are a few reasons why CRA has become the premier, trusted manufacturer of stainless steel, duplex, and nickel alloy piping. CRA offers the following benefits that petrochemical plants and refineries won’t find with other suppliers:

  • Customized Orders: CRA manufactures stainless steel, duplex, and nickel alloys based on the customer’s specific needs. Unlike other mills, customized orders can still be processed quickly.
  • Flexible Timelines: Simple mistakes in the ordering process can slow down production and lead to extended downtime. CRA is capable of accommodating even last-minute changes as we understand the cost implications that come with long, unplanned interruptions to our customer’s operations.

With CRA, you get a more personalized approach to orders. Our staff takes the time to understand our customer’s individual specifications and needs of the project and then creates a customized plan based on those needs.

How Are Last-Minute Orders Processed with CRA?

A: Whereas other pipe mills often have tight production schedules, CRA does things differently. We maintain consistent capacity, ensuring we can easily handle large, customized jobs, even at the last minute.

Also, unlike other manufacturers, CRA values businesses of all sizes. Standard manufacturers may push smaller customers down the line to handle the last-minute needs of larger customers. CRA values each and every customer and understands the importance of a deadline.

Why Take the Risk of Going Outside of Your Approved Manufacturer List (AML)?

A: CRA welcomes the opportunity to prove its value and reliability in the manufacturing of specialty alloy piping products, and to show that sometimes it’s the right decision to go outside of your company’s AML.

In the chemical processing industry, every hour matters. Downtimes that extend into days or weeks can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. It can be a waste of time going through the brand’s AML list only to find that mills have long wait times or can’t accommodate last-minute requests.

What Are the Future Plans for CRA?

A: CRA’s home is the Gulf Coast. Located in close proximity to the Houston Ship Channel and some of the largest chemical and petrochemical manufacturers, we are a mission-critical supplier that prioritizes safety and considers risks in all situations. Our new manufacturing facility currently under construction in Brenham, Texas, and expected to be completed in Fall 2023, will deliver an expansion of our manufacturing capabilities, capacity, and streamline our processes.

Our team offers cutting-edge, cost and time-saving solutions to industrial customers who want a customized, on-demand approach to specialty alloy pipe and tube. We aim to help our customers reach their goals in a timely manner by reducing manufacturing and delivery times without sacrificing product quality.

As we plan for growth in the future, CRA will continue to enhance our capabilities with facility upgrades and increased manufacturing capacity and production speed in order to better serve our customers. In addition to on-demand and Just-In-Time manufacturing for the petrochemical realm, CRA’s ability to meet timeline and product requirements allows all industries utilizing cra tubulars to place orders closer to their need date.

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