Preventing A 30-Day Production Loss For Operator In Tunisia

Rig Down Scenario

A customer in Tunisia ordered a tubing string with a long lead time mill delivery to accommodate their estimated rig delivery. Circumstances changed and the offshore rig was delivered earlier than initially forecasted based on the existing tubing delivery estimate. The operator risked over thirty days of downtime on an offshore rig with a cost of over $1 million per day. That’s when CRA was called into the situation. CRA dedicated a 24-hour team to manufacture the material needed and were able to deliver in a time period that saved the customer over $25 million in rig time. In addition to the time savings for the rig, it allowed the customer to start according to the original schedule and they did not have to absorb 30 days of lost production.

ApplicationOffshore Well
Client LocationTunisia, Africa
Delivery2-3 Weeks