A Collaborative Solution After an Unexpected Project Change

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A Collaborative Solution After an Unexpected Project Change

An energy company operating in the Caspian Sea had an urgent requirement for a contingency string of super duplex OCTG. With standard mill lead times unable to meet their deadline, the OCTG contract holder approached CRA for help. Through just-in-time mill manufacturing, CRA was able to offer the OCTG with a 3-month lead time to fit the operator’s schedule.

After several weeks, the unexpected happened. There was a change in the drilling program, and the well was canceled. With the material no longer needed, the customer reached out to CRA requesting to waive the non-cancellation clause included in the contract. However, at that point, the pipe had already shipped.

Understanding the dilemma, CRA met with the OCTG contract holder and operator to discuss the potential for using the material in any of their current or upcoming international projects. As the pipe was a non-standard size and weight, the options were limited. There was no immediate need for the material, and the operator faced the possibility of carrying the custom pipe long-term.

However, further discussion of their standard well designs offered a solution. Through a collaborative approach and very open dialogue, an agreement was made that worked for all parties. CRA agreed to a cancellation of the original order, and in return, supplied standard-sized super duplex materials that the operator could use for upcoming injection well projects.

“CRA really has come through for us on this one. We had an adjustment the customer wanted done, so CRA bent over backwards to help us resolve this change. This had a huge impact on our business, and I feel confident purchasing from CRA in the future,” the customer stated.

While each situation is unique and may not always result in such a viable solution, CRA believes innovation and collaboration are critical to best serving our customers.

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