Case Study
Reflective CRA pipes

Measuring An Operator’s True Cost Of Inventory

The downturn in the oil and gas sector has caused companies to review the true cost of holding inventory. A major oil company in the US has determined through an external consulting firm that the actual cost to hold inventory is 25% per year of their original product cost.
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Unique Specifications On A 10-Week Timeline

CRA was introduced to a customer who had a two well urgent requirement in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The customer had a commitment to the government and needed to start drilling the first well within 12 weeks or they risked losing their blocks. They needed three nickel alloy sizes for tubing and liners. Traditional […]
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Industrial wheel
Innovative selection of tubulars outside

Innovative Material Selection Wins Project For Major OFS Company

CRA received an urgent request from a major oil service company seeking to provide corrosion resistant alloy material for use in manufacturing of downhole completion tools for an oil and gas operator. To win the order, the oil service company would have to manufacture the products in Houston, TX and deliver the products to the […]
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Preventing A 30-Day Production Loss For Operator In Tunisia

A customer in Tunisia ordered a tubing string with a long lead time mill delivery to accommodate their estimated rig delivery. Circumstances changed and the offshore rig was delivered earlier than initially forecasted based on the existing tubing delivery estimate. The operator risked over thirty days of downtime on an offshore rig with a cost […]
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Preventing 30-Day Loss with machinery
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